Finally Fighting the Fat

So, I have literally tried all of the diets out there.  When I say I have tried, I mean I have tried.  This, funnily enough, does not mean I finished any of the very many tries!  You see, I have this thing about eating (just picture the smirk on the face).  I love to eat!  Add in, what I think is my addiction to sugar and you have the recipe for growing body parts.

It is amazing how many of my friends would say to me, ‘Karen you are not fat’ or ‘you are the only one seeing it’ (well, I do moan about my ever expanding gluteus maximus and core). Bring my mother into the picture and she would say in her best Jamaican accent – ‘baby girl ah how yuh a get so big?’  Nothing like a mother’s honesty, right?

Here I am at the ripe old age of 42, not sure what this is classed as anymore as 40 is the new 30 and 50 the new 40, realising that I need to make a conscious effort to eat healthily, exercise regularly and get rid of my excess.

In my next blog, I will probably share my target (and maybe my current weight) and then I will track my progress daily.

Happy losing!






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