My sweet teeth

My biggest problem, well maybe second to my love of eating, is sugar.  I have sweet teeth!  I know, I know -the saying is ‘sweet tooth.’  But I swear, if I start thinking in singular, I may not succeed in giving up sugar at all.  The mouth must stay away from sugar. I am a total addict!

Have you ever noticed how many things have sugar in them?  As I decided to give up sugar, I am finding more and more that I have to ‘walk on by’ a lot of shelves in the supermarket.  Crikey…… I think everything has sugar in it. Man, when I say I have an addiction to sugar, THIS IS NO JOKE.

Picture this.  I love profiteroles, you know those creme filled (or custard) chocolate covered balls – hmmmm (God only knows why I am not salivating from my thoughts alone).  Yep, those. When I go to the supermarket I don’t just buy the small tub of 3.  No sir siree, I buy the tower of 12 and I am not sharing!  Add in a certain time of the month and chocolate will join the tower and maybe, just maybe, muffins (2 packs).  That is how my weekends were usually spent!  In sweet heaven.

You can just imagine how difficult it is for me to give up sugar.  It is a challenge I have started a number of times and failed terribly.  I was told that it takes 21 days to break a habit.  Bring it on.

So my in my last blog, I did say I may share my weight and target.

Start weight – 14stones 3 lbs.

Target – 9stones 12lbs.

Until next time.




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