Exercising like a crazy person

Ever so often I hear the term, “80% nutrition:20% exercise” or “you cannot out exercise a bad diet.” Not that I find exercise easy, but I do find it easier to start moving than to change how I eat.  I kind of want to eat what I want when I do put in the exercise.  Of course, it totally does not work this way. Both needs to change, which makes me want to cry!

Way, way, way waaaaaaay back in the day I was an athlete who competed in the 100 & 200 meters sprints as well as long and high jumps (Jamaican here!).  Not only that, I also competed in netball.  Yes, it is fair to say I was an active child! Now, I literally have to drag my lazy behind off the sofa and start moving.  The good thing?  Once I start exercising, I am usually pretty good at keeping it up. I get such a high from exercise that I have no clue as to why I am not totally addicted to the dang thing.

So, I now have a personal trainer, again – well same trainer after a hiatus, twice a week. I try to go to the gym 5 times per week to keep the momentum going.  To be honest, I think my trainer is ‘evil!’ The man kills me during each session. Got to love him though. The gym fee is no joke!  He definitely gives me my money’s worth. Throw in some long walks on the weekend, thanks to competitions on fitbit with friends, and I am on a roll.

I am not sure I have been this determined, in a long while, to get fit and healthy. However, when I noticed that my belly and butt are competing to see which one can grow further away from my body, it is definitely time to change.


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