Breakfast fit for a queen?

On Friday (Oct 14), I had a couple of hospital appointments so had the day off work.  I have to say the CAT Scan machine is a tad scary and the flipping thing sometimes talk to you!

Anyway, I still came into Central London early and went to my usual 6 am gym session.  I had a personal training session, so Chris (my lovely but, I think, evil trainer) put me through my paces.

After the gym, I stopped for breakfast on my way to Charing Cross Station to catch my train to Guy’s hospital.  I such a lovely breakfast at Savini Milano (a restaurant I visited for the first time and only stopped on impulse)! Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and 1 slice of toast. YUM……..


I must confess, I had a rather large hot chocolate with Soya (finally taking my lactose intolerance seriously) and no sugar.  Should I be celebrating the ‘no sugar’ thing?  Probably not as I still had hot chocolate.  But?  Yeah me!


The Savini Milano was lovely, the service was great and being greeted by a total cutie is always a bonus!





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