Foodie’s heaven or hell?

I made a full day of my Friday last week and played at being a tourist for a couple of hours.  Between my appointments (I had one at 10 am and then at 2 pm), I went on a walk around London Bridge.

First, I visited the Shard – first time by the way – and, boy let me tell you, the views of London are amazing from the viewing floors! I then went to Borough Market and found it to be a total foodie’s Temptation Central.  The variety of food! Yummmmmmm (just imagine the salivating and lip licking going on just from thinking about the spread on display)! The smells! WOWEE…..sadly or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I was already full.  If I had not already eaten, I would have tried to resist the whole roast pig I saw on entering the market – TRIED, being the operative word here.

Sooooooo Juicy!

I do love a good pork belly and just look at the crackling on that rather juicy hog!  I saw some really big and juicy burgers too (no more pics because I just could not).  Big burgers would not do my waistline any favours, especially since I am trying to reduce the belly!  By the way the competition between the abdomen and gluteus maximus (totally smiling here as I type those) is still in full swing.

I found the name Nana Fanny’s (a lovely little food stall) to be totally hilarious (just an insight into my mind here people) when I think of what the Americans and the British (us) call Fanny!

Nana’s Fanny!

I must tell you that I am enjoying my little journey so far.  I am almost at a stone down and am now at 50 lbs to go.  I know that seems a lot but I am determined to do this right and not do this by fad dieting.  The weight always, ALWAYS flies (no creeping here) back on and more often than not, I gain more than I lost on a quick fix diet.

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