The dreaded weigh-in

Here I was thinking that I had made some fantastic choices over the past week.  It turns out that I definitely need to make even better choices for next week! Blimey…. It is definitely not an easy task to lose this weight.

Maybe instead of having half of a large papaya, I could have a quarter?  Look at this size of half (shock…horror)!

 Definitely, no hot chocolate, even if I use Soya or Almond Milk and add no sugar and only have it as a treat. I had planned to have a hot chocolate once a month as I found the most luscious combination (hot chocolate with peanut butter) from Whittards of Chelsea. Not going to happen for a while. 😣

Well, I did promise to update you on my weigh-in this week.  Dang it, Dang it, Dang it! I have to report that I have gained 1.5 lbs!

The scales don’t lie!

Thursday 13 October: Start Weight: 13 stones / 5 lbs (down from 13 stones / 10 lbs)

Today (Thursday 20 October): 13 stones / 6.5 lbs (up by 1.5 lbs on last week). 

Cho man…….

Normally, I would be giving myself a right mental beating for a few days.  Today, however, I have decided to take the gain, reflect on why I gained and set myself a new week’s target and aim to beat it on my next weigh-in (even if I am thinking of chowing down on some chocolate cake to sooth my disappointment this week).

Target for next week’s weigh-in (Friday to Thursday) = -4 lbs.

Watch this space.

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