My walking weekends

So, instead of taking an exercise break after my long week in the gym, I started walking like a mad woman on my weekends. I have been challenging myself for the past few weeks to get quicker on a half marathon walk! Last week Sunday I did it in 4 hrs 30 mins. Today? I did it in 4 hrs 18 mins! How will I do next week, I wonder….. 🤔. I just put my iPod on, wrap up warm (must look after the chest) and just go walking along the Thames river. The Green Mile has some lovely sights.

I love running. I really do. I grew up running and still follow all the major championships. A total product of growing up in the land of wood and water – JAMAICA – although I am no Bolt! 😆 However, my knees are totally not what they use to be (this is the getting older bit, that’s my excuse I am sticking with it). I am happy to say I have rediscovered how much I love walking.

Last night the train service went belly up (a regular occurence, sadly) and after 3 buses I gave up and started walking.

After last night, I made the decision to get off a stop before my home stop from next week and walk the rest of the way. I’ll be watching the fat melt away. 👣

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