Waffles and Chocolate Everywhere!

OH! MY! GAAWD! I went to Brussels for a day with my friend who is totally obsessed with eating! If I followed Nia today, I would have only eaten waffles and chocolate…. and maybe fries and mussels. 😊

With the Manneken Pis in the background

Brussels is a beautiful city and we had fun roaming the tourists areas and took in some incredible sights.  According to my fitbit, we walked 32 flights of stairs, 10 miles and 22,572 steps. Yeah us!

I relented and had a waffle. A savoury one, but a waffle none the less (and contrary to what I keep hearing next to me – IT WAS NOT SMALL!  We bought our waffles and went walking – interesting. It seemed the done thing (here on the Eurostar ignoring Nia in my ears telling me the calories from the waffles didn’t count because we were walking) so we walked and ate.

Tucking into a waffle the size of my face

Nia is threatening to come back without me as I stopped her from buying chocolate and sweets from every shop we saw…..and there were plenty. The city was filled with so many mouth watering delights (not good for a chocoholic like myself). One would think that we came on a food tour rather than seeing the beautiful city.  Point….. (I could add more).

Now, on the way home. Nia is not happy with me because I would not allow her to eat all of Brussels. She is threatening to go to Paris without me next month so that she can eat all the crepes, fresh baguettes with cheese, croissant and chocolate she can eat ‘brackish’ with escargot in garlic and herb butter. You would never believe she has a target of 22 lbs to lose by Christmas!

All in all, we had a wonderful day and just to prove we saw more than food, here is a picture of the lovely St Michel-et-Gudule Cathedral.

St Michel-et-Gudule Cathedral

We will see what happens in Paris (if she does not sneak off without me). 😆

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