Notes to Strangers

I have completely ripped off my blog title, but I cannot think of a better tittle to use – this one is perfect.  Lunch today was with friends and I had a yumscious lamb shank pie (a lamb shank was literally poking out of my pie)! Nothing like eating delicious food and having a good natter. I will definitely be going back to The Blue Posts.

On the way back to work, I saw a poster that caught my attention.  I found out that notes were being regularly placed in the Metro.  Not having read the Metro for a quite a while (my head is usually stuck in the Kindle), I have been missing out on the ‘Notes to Strangers.’

I am now following this Instagram account. Who knows, I may just find some inspiration to continue with my extensive exercise regime.  I love how I feel when I finish exercising, but I must admit that I do struggle to get out of bed some mornings. With winter now on the way and the clock set to go back an hour this weekend, it is going to be even darker at 4 am.

Am I feeling sorry for myself at the moment? Totally.

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