Unusual day


Yesterday I was meant to be reporting on my weight loss for the week after setting myself a target of a 4 lbs loss.  Did I go for my weigh-in?  Sadly, no.  Here is how my day went.

Woke up at 4 am to still make my 6 am gym session in Central London (so very painful with my mornings now rather dark).  My early morning journeys consist of a bus and a Tube journey followed by a nice little walk. After the gym, I had to go home to accept the delivery of a new sofa.  Unfortunately, once the sofa reaches your local store, they will not keep it (messed up my day – dang it). I am sure this is probably not your taste, but here is my new sofa (incredibly comfortable).  I will need to drag myself upstairs to bed rather than getting back into the habit of falling asleep in front of the TV (really bad habit of mine).

I then left home at 12:30 to travel back into Central London. Our team had a meeting with one of our caterers, Food Show.  As typical, there were delays on my train service (so frustrating but not surprising) but as I left so early I did make it on time. I met up with my team in the office and off we went (tackling yet another journey one the Tube).

Our time at Food Show?  Hmmmmmmm (I am sitting here thinking about the delicious food we had).  OMG (See? I am down with the lingo) is all I need to say! I really want to put a pic of all the dishes we ate, but I thought the lobster would be a perfect image.

Anyway, as I have not reported what my weight loss is this week, I need to be reporting a 8 lbs loss next week.  It shall be done!

Oh, I almost forgot.  The walking weekends are still going strong.  I, actually, included a 3 mile run on Sunday.  The walk from the station on the way home has started and this morning, I walked from the gym to work. There is no stopping the madness!


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