Diwali Sweets

I have such lovely neighbours. One helped with the removal and disposal of my old sofa and today, another brought me sweets. My Hindu neighbours from Mauritius are celebrating Diwali today. 

I was just here sitting in my comfy new sofa watching reruns of the Harry Potter films when my door bell rang! There stood my neighbour and his two, very cute, boys with a box of home made sweets in hand. What to do? What to do?

I have hidden them in my cupboard! šŸ˜† I am not so sure how long they will remain untouched though. Crikey!! I am in the middle of my “giving up sugar” run. šŸ˜£ Such lovely treats to eat….. Must resist temptation!

I can do this, right? Come on will power, do not fail me now!! I think I am going to have to give the lovely sweets away. I really cannot keep temptation in the house. Must. Not. Eat. Sugar! 

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