80% Diet

You know what I am realising? Hmmm…. maybe not realising but accepting, your diet truly is the most important thing when trying to lose weight. I know you will probably give me a big Homer (for the Simpson’s fan) “Doh” but I am finding it is not always easy to make the best diet choices. 

Exercise for me is not necessarily easy but adapted to quickly once I start. Food? I love food and I am a total emotional eater too! I eat if I am bored. I eat if I am feeling crap. I eat if I am over the moon. I just eat (hence the big competition between my behind and belly).

Last week I worked my hiney off in the gym and out of it. Once I commit to exercising, I really do give it a good go (well, when I am not trying to cough up my lungs) and could sometimes totally overdo it (I know…..not always good).

The thing is, for most people trying to lose weight, a 4lbs loss over 2 weeks is quite acceptable and to be honest, also what is usually recommended (2lbs per week). For me? I want to see bigger losses “Bigges Loser style.” Lofty dreams! 😄

Sooooooo…… I have made a decision. Drink more water and eat less (no starving though, I love to eat way too much). Also, follow good examples. Others have done this. I can do this. Just so you know, the water bottle on my desk is huge (2.2 litres)! 😆

Oh yes, I  am also going to try some of the recipes in Clean Hungry over the weekend. I have never seen so many ways to make the simple oats porridge!

I’ll update you more next week on my weightloss progress. 

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