Eat and sleep and the weekend

Happy Sunday everyone! The sun is out! It is still flipping cold outside though. I know, I have been out to take a pic for my blog after making breakfast.

Today, I feel rested, even if I woke up quite a lot last night – sadly, such a regular occurence. I do always find sleeping a bit of a challenge and never get enough. What I wouldn’t give to get 8 hrs of undisturbed sleep! My FitBit tells me that I slept for 6 hrs and 42 mins (I know it is not exact science at work here). Guess what? I fell asleep at 22:16 hrs and woke at 07:59 hrs (24 hr clock at work 😊) which should have meant over 9 hrs of sleep. Nine hours sleep would be such a dream….. Nope, I kept waking up! I stayed in bed, though, instead of doing what I normally do…. getting up and watching TV or even vacuuming (mad right?)

I do, also, find it really difficult to be good with my food on weekends. I am home more so I pick more and, most definitely, eat more. Oh man, it is so easy to jump in the car and go get anything I feel like eating….. even profiteroles (love chocolate covered, cream filled profiteroles)! 

This Sunday? I am going to be extra good. So far, I have made myself a “not so boring” breakfast of scrambled eggs with a large tomato and a small avocado. Yummmm…. 

I do not have any unhealthy snacks or food indoors. So, I really just need to eat what is in the house and ignore the fact that I have access to a car!  Now to think up a healthy lunch and dinner (lots of groaning going on here). Soooooo much cooking! 

It will be a lazy one today. My poor body has had a hard week and my right knee is being a pain in the katoosh. I need to give it a little break before the gym tomorrow. My lovely new sofa will be hugging my butt quite a lot today after I tidy up and iron for the week. 😆

Oooh yes! I have an online piano lesson to do too. How excitig….

Have a fab Sunday! I know I will. 

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