Snacking at work

Oh my days! Do you know how hard it is not to eat like there is no tomorrow when there are such delicious (totally wrong for my diet) snacks in the office? Our team is great with bringing goodies back from wherever our travels take us – me including. Trust me, we definitely do not bring back dried fruits and nuts! Nope, it is usually chocolate, biscuits (at the moment with Disney characters on the actual biscuits) rum cake, fudge and such the like.

I feel like hiding under my desk and weeping! 😭.  Good news? I went to Whole Foods yesterday and picked up some snacks. I have a whole tub of almonds on my desk…. 

I did buy some great dairy free yoghurts and deserts too (even if I will not buy the coffee dairy free organic coconut yoghurt from Rebel Kitchen again – just yuck). Finding the right snacks are always a challenge for the dieter – well for me anyway. I am so use to buying chocolate or mini cheddars (hence the butt and gutt competition) that eating almonds is just not the same. 

C’Est la Vie! No moaning from me. 

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