Eating with friends

I am spending the weekend with my friends, Rav and Stelios with their lovely kiddies, Athen and Lukas. This weekend reminds me that I need to keep my friends close. Friends form my little network of family I formed in the UK and after my summer from hell, I am feeling great today. I only have a very small number of my blood family in the UK with most still in the land of wood and water – Jamaica – and few in other parts of the world.

Rav is a fantastic cook and, talk about using healthy products!  Jeesh. We had a late lunch yesterday – 2 different types of lasagne (vegetarian and meat). Yummmmm……. Of course there a salad too. 😄

I spent the day reading books, playing Jenga and just literally running around. By the end of the night I was delightfully knackered. I have discovered I am not as fit as I would like to think. Running around after 2 kids under ten? Yup….. I have some work to do.

Dinner was a nice chicken broth. Food! Food! Food!

Breakfast this morning is a soft boiled egg, bacon, baked beans and toast. I haven’t had such a rich full brekky in ages. Again….. Yummmmm! 😊

All in all a wonderful weekend catching up with friends, getting my fill of my niece and nephew, watching Gladiator and eating yumscious food!

What will this weekend means for the butt/belly competition? The scale will tell.

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