Still Here……Still in the Game

Have I lost my steam?  Not really.   I just had very little to add for the past couple of weeks and I kind of did not want to regurgitate the same ole, same ole.  You know what I am talking about…….

I lose weight.  I gain weight.  I lose weight.  I gain weight.  I exercise a lot.  I eat healthily.  I exercise a lot.  I eat healthily.  I binge on sugary foods………Blah….


The cycle continues people and it is a cycle I am trying my hardest to break so that I can build life long healthy habits.  It is not easy, I tell you.  It has taken years for me to indulge in the unhealthy world, so I am beginning to finally understand that it will take some time to not want to eat what is considered unhealthy (they are unhealthy….really, my mind just need to accept this).


So, this is just to let you know that I am still here.  I am still committed to reaching my target by end of May (10K on May 29th – final target date).  My butt and tummy are still in the battle of the reducing bulge (butt is totally in the lead).  I am still working hard in the gym and I have been taking on some running challenges (a blog to follow about my half marathon and runs).  In not so many words…  My final goal is still firmly in my sights.


This is a short one……  Have a fantastic week meh peeps.


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