Running a Half-Marathon

Guess what? I ran a half-marathon. I know are you dying to say ‘no you didn’t’ just to hear me say ‘oh yes I did.’ Okay, enough of me being silly and cracking up on my own when no one but me finds this funny (a comedian I am not).

So just over a week ago, I ran the Adidas Silverstone Half-Marathon (13.1 miles / 21.08241 to be exact).  It took me a whopping 2 hrs 32 mins 09 secs to complete.  Daaaang!  Do you know what it is like to keep running for two and a half hours!  Long distance running can be a rather lonely activity. But, I had some great music to listen to and of course the fantastic atmosphere you tend to find at organised runs.  There were some interesting things to see too.  This was my absolute favourite t-shirt quote ever…….

Had to do a double-take, didn’t you? 

There were some incredible people running, in groups or on their own and for various charities.  There were some annoying ones too!  So, listen to this….  I was waiting in line for the loo before tackling this long run and there were these 2 girls in front of me all decked out (matchy and matchy and stuff).  They were doing the most over-the-top stretches I have ever seen.  I then heard this lady behind me snorted and said, ‘yeah we know you are fit!’  I totally cracked up.  The people brought a certain lightness to the whole thing.

I did not manage to take too many photos (oh, but I wanted to…I was after all on a F1 track).  Needless to say that I solely focused on putting one leg in front of the other to get to the finish line.  I only managed a few at the start.

wp-1490352809209.jpg I would have found it totally hard to run in any contraption. Impressive, right?


There was also a lady dressed as a tree, but so help me God, I could not have stopped and taken a photo even if I wanted to.  My legs were in motion and I knew that if I stopped, starting again would have been a challenge. So I Forrest Gumped it and just kept running. Hah…me being funny again.

At the beginning of the run, there was this runner that I kind of wanted to literally shake!! Picture this……man in high vis vest (bright yellow) and long hair (not held in a man bun…what was he thinking?).  So, all I could see in my peripheral vision was a blur of yellow speeding pass only for him to start walking after about 50m.  As soon as I caught up with him, there he went again. I know he was not competing with me at all, but I kind of wanted to shake him and say…Hey! Run or Walk!!! Cho!  He was sooooooo distracting.   I finally managed to leave him behind at about the 3-mile mark.

Even though the morning was colder than I thought (just look at the grey skies in the pics), there I was in a t-shirt and my charity running vest. Madness, I know!  It did not take long for me to start getting way too hot.


During the run, I drank too much water and waaaaaay too much lucozade!  There were also kids and little old ladies along the route handing out haribo. Of course, I had to eat me some heart haribo.  The sugar was definitely needed (I have no willpower when it comes to sugar…hopeless).

There were so many people taking part.  I find it amazing that so many people would travel so far to take part in the run.  Then again, I was there too so who I am to say anything.  I did join the madness.

632105_249101289_XLarge (1)

Here are a couple pics of me.  I am in my stride and then holding up my medals (massive grin here).  Yeah me!

810488_1134_0046 I started to pass people at this stage. Such a boost!


It looks like I am running by myself here!  I promise, there were people, beside…behind…and in front of me! The photographer just zoomed in on me.  What was he/she thinking?







810504_1018_0018WHOO HOO!  Just picture the mental hand raising here…oh and the big grin!

My next challenge is the London 10K on May 29.  After 13.1 miles, I can definitely run 6 miles.


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