The mind and weightloss

So you know when ‘They’ say a six-pack is made in the kitchen and not the gym?  Not that I did not realise it before, but I have now totally accepted that weight loss is a full body and mind thing.  If your mind is not into it, you will not get very far!  Cho man…… Honestly, why can they not be on the same page at all times?  If only…… would be so much easier.

Okay, so I have done mostly well so far.  I say ‘mostly’ because I have had my fallen by the wayside moments, chocolate moments and binge moments since I started this journey in September 2016.  I cannot believe it has been more than 6 months!

March was a difficult diet month for me and definitely the hardest since I started this journey.  I also did less exercise than I have done in a really long time.  The problem?  I kind of lost my momentum!


True dat! So not cool.  The good thing is I have not totally lost it.  My mind though?  Is now so far out of the game that I think I might need to give myself a slap upside both sides of the head.

See my topic today?  Well, I am finding it hard to get out of my own head.  Dang it!  The mind is such a strong tool in succeeding in anything. I know I have a target I want to meet.  I know I have a target date.  But?  My mind cannot get out of the rest week I had to take due to shoulder and knee pain…I know (don’t say it)…..I am getting old.  Right now I am in a ‘just meh’ phase.    This is my mind at the moment……..


See?  My body is all ready for workout – me thinks – but my mind is still taking a break! MEH What to do? What to do?  The plan is to get my hiney back in the gym over the Easter break so that my week starts just right next week. NO EXCUSES!  I will be telling my mind to shut the hell up and get on with it!wp-1492073874996.

Well, I now have 6 weeks to my 10K run and my target date.  If these are not reasons enough to stop being an ostrich, I don’t know what will give me the extra push to finish the last mile.  Maybe I should start doing the Haka every morning before leaving for the gym.  What do you think?  Although I might need to get some lessons from the All Blacks first.

Anyways, have a wonderful Easter eating all the chocolate I am not allowed to eat! I got nothing but love for you. No…Really!


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